Frequently Asked Questions

What specification do the courses follow?

This course has been produced following the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum for Science. This curriculum is recognized by education establishments all around the world.

What format do the videos take?

Every video lasts for about 5 minutes and each one consists of up to 25 detailed Powerpoint slides that provide clear and concise instruction. I have included my own narration over all of the slides, so it’s just like having your own personal teacher sat by your side.

What devices can I watch the videos on?

The videos are in .mp4 format so they can be watched on most devices, such as: PC’s, laptops, tablets, iPad’s etc.

Once downloaded you can put the videos on a device that isn’t connected to the internet, stopping you or your child from being distracted! 🙂

If I watch all of the videos will I have sufficient knowledge to pass KS1 exams in the subjects?

Yes – I have covered everything required by the specification. However, you should really not rely on just one source for your information, especially if you’re going for the higher grades. I always recommend to my students that they have at least one other source of information, such as a relevant textbook. You also need to check out the exam board specifications.

I live in the USA, so I don’t understand all this ‘KS1’ stuff – what age group are these videos aimed at?

These videos are aimed at younger elementary school students, typically aged between 5 and 7 years of age.

Contact Me if you have any other questions.